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Friday, November 25, 2011

Booger Monsters

So, this blog is meant to simply vent...I just have one question.  Let me premise this with, I don't believe in calling people ugly.  That's not nice and my mom always says that God doesn't make anything ugly.  However, why does it seem those people, to put nicely, who have faces only a mother could love, seem to be the loudest ones in the group that tries desperately to draw attention to themselves.  They are the ones always trying to make others look stupid, but if they only knew...smh!  If they only new how they looked they would shut up and do as little as possible to be noticed!  And what gets me even more is, they are the ones who feel they can tear somebody else down about how they look...seriously, what do they see when they look in the mirror?  Wow, people are something else!  I think before anyone opens their mouth to critique or bad mouth somebody aboout their looks, styles, etc., they need to sit back and really think if someone held the mirror up to them, what would other people say?  Really.  How many pounds could they stand to lose?  And who says their taste in clothing is the 'style'?  How many of them need a visit to the dermatologist?  And those are things they can change...those same booger monsters have a TON of a stuff that simply cant be changed/altered/enhanced.  So shut up!!!


  1. LOL you have a point there. I dare think they do it to compensate the beauty they lack, but they don't realize how wrong they are doing it. Poor them.

  2. Perhaps it is overcompensation, but if you're going to compensate, you gotta be working with something first,


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