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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purity / Fornication

Often times sitting in church, I've heard sermonettes or entire sermons, cushioning -so-to-speak, the hearts of those who have wandered off the path of purity.  I've heard men, women, pastors, first ladies, deacons, and deaconesses, encouraging and practically begging those people to get back on the path of righteousness ( a good thing as we should bring one another to Christ).  Reminding them that God forgives and that they have to forgive themselves.  I don't contest this.  Yes, you have to repent and God will and does forgive.  I agree that you should not dwell on sins you've committed.  If God has left it in the past when He forgave you, why should you keep brining it up/reliving it?

However, my concern is not them.  My concern are the virgins who seem to be overshadowed and overlooked by the above mentioned.  So, this post is for you.  This post is to give you more than a quick pat on the back or a few kind words.  I want to take this time to tell you that God is SO  proud of you.  He honors your faithfulness.  I'm not  giving you kudos simply for doing what He requires ALL of us to do, it's what's expected and should not be any other way.  Instead, I want to acknowledge you for choosing God first, by following the path He's laid out for you and continuing to stay under His covering.  My goodness, in times such as these, this virginal/purity walk is not always easy, as sex is everywhere and fornication is glorified, so I want to say congrats to fleeing from all the temptation that comes your way.

I pray that God will continue to be with you on your journey.  That He will guard/protect you as you take care of our Father's business.  And as you take care of His business, if you so desire, that He sends you a spouse, excellent by His measure in His perfect timing.  I pray you will have the eyes to recognize your spouse that God has chosen for you.  I pray that that union/marriaged and the seeds of that union are blessed from now on, for generations to come!  It is my prayer that, that be a marriage that God has joined together and no man can put asunder!!!  I pray that God blesses you with the desires of your heart in His grace and mercy, without sorrow!  May he honor and reward you for your obedience!  And I mean this from my very core. God bless you!!! 

And last but certainly not least, I want to add, never give up this virginal walk...a walk of purity.  I must admit, on a personal note, sometimes, I get frustrated and grow weary.  I've even said, I'm going to be like the others, get 'buckwild' repent and go back to God, since He does forgive.  But then God steps in, in one way or another, and I don't wanna misbehave anymore. :)  With that said, if there is a moment that you wanna throw in the towel, let me encourage you and beg you not to.  God didn't throw in the towel out Calvary. 

So, again, in this walk of purity, don't do it for bragigng rights, don't do it because it's the 'moral thing' to do, don't do it to make others feel less worthy.  But do it simply because God asks you to, do it because you love Him.  Your sister in Christ is proud of you and let me be the first to say congrats on waiting for that appointed time (marriage) with that appointed person (husband or wife) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tidbits on making a movie

Someone recently inquired about how to make a movie...thought I share some of my personal insight! 
#1. Screenplay-completed  
#2. Cast your actors
#3. Once the screenplay is completed and actors have been selected...
#4. The next step is the Reading (can be at a church, large office, if you know your actors personally even in a living room, etc) 
#5.  Next meeting would be a Production Meeting (that is if you have selected a cast and crew).
#6. The shoot
#7. Editing
#8. Distribution
Random tidbits for making an independent film:
*It always helps to build a website and start thinking about idea's for a movie poster.  If you don't have your actors yet, you can still get creative or like I did, used a stand in until I cast my actors.  A website is good to have so actors will have a place to visit and see what the film is about, the goal of the movie, etc.  Any pics used for the movie poster should be taken with a professional high quality camera at least 300dpi. 
*I've also learned that though a film is low-budget it can still be a very good film!  She should make sure she has good actors, good lighting, and a good editor.  These elements are crucial to a quality independent film.
*Be on top of the editing to maintain the direction in which the film goes
*It is always to have a few (~5) different locations because it could get boring, however, if it is a really good script and takes place in one location, it could still work.  Be aware of the noise in the locations (construction, too much wind, etc. as the mic picks up everything, even the sound from an ac running in a building).
*Scouting locations: do things in exchange for film credit....most people will work with you.  Get film permits if needed.  In Florida such film permits are free as long as you don't have certain types of equipment, need police to block off streets etc.  Usually you just need insurance.
*Independent films are usually shot with one camera
*Unless there is a large budget, most filmmakers don't have money to pay actors up front....most seasoned actors know this.  They pay is usually the reel.  There are also other payment  methods that you can use (deferred where the actor makes money when the film makes money.  I like to tell my actors that honestly their pay is the experience/exposure.  That said it may be best to work with non-union actors who are not well known...they want the exposure.  It's crucial to be upfront and honest with the actors about the pay and remind them that though the project may be non paying or deferred, whatever the case, it will still be a professional film.
*Meals should be provided for actors as a shoot day could be easily 10 hrs. This can get pricey depending on the size of your cast and crew so if you know someone  to make sandwiches, that may be the affordable way to go.  You could even try to get donations from restaraunts in exchange for film credit.  Pizza is usually the most reasonable way to go.
*Depending on the legnth of the scene, she may want to shoot one scene perday, unless the scenes are brief shot of a car driving away, pulling into a parking lot etc.
*Always keep your title as the proudcer
*Auditions should be held in a place that has two rooms (large office, hotel, etc  I would stay away from doing at home unless you your friends and family are cast.  It just looks a lot more professional at a venue).  One room to serve as a waiting room and another where the video camera is set up in where they actually audition.  The actors will slate (this is them simply saying their name, the part they're reading for, and their contact) Have sides (excerpts from the script for the actors to read unless you are letting read their own monlogues. 
*Have all your paperwork together (shoot schedule, actor profile <usually tells if they will or will not cut/dye their hair, appear nude etc>appearance release forms, location release forms, payment agreements, etc all of which can be found as templates online)
*This is an independent film which means that the budget is not big, thus actors are responsible for their own wardrobe.  Again, be clear about this and you can create a form that the actors will sign that they agree to use their own clothing/make-up.  Its a team effort! 
*During the shoot, take lots of pictures so scenes will be consistent if you don't complete the shot.
*Get your props, music, and sound effects together so it will be ready when time to edit
*Raise money ( i.e.  Or before making a feature length film, make a short, submit it to a film festival which can cost $50 or never know, you may be the winner.  Napolean Dynmite started off as a 8-10minute short film, someone saw it and well, in the end the movie made millions!
*Review your footage at the end of each shoot day...I learned this the hard way as I had to redo some audio for a scene we did months prior!
*Remember this is an independent film not Hollywood.  So you may not have all the resources to make that Hollywood type film, but as I said earlier, with a camera, lights, sound, excellent actors, and a great editor, you will produce a great product!  I thought I needed a crew of 20, lots of equipment (dolley's, monitors, etc. but we got creative ;) for example, you can sit someone in a wheelchair, place the camera on their shoulder and move in and out as a dolley). 
*Stay clear of special effects, it looks amateur unless your editor know what he is doing and zooming in and out with the zoom buttons.
*Lastly, it takes a special person to work with actors, should anything happen and you have to replace someone, may be even a lead, it has happened before. (you may even want to consider having a contract w/ the actors)
*You also may want to consider having an attorney
Again, I am newbie at this, and this was just MY personal experience in making a film...I am in the process of learning about setting up a screening as well as how distirbution works.  Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!
Ade' Knight

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mine is Tight

Hello to all my avid readers! Get ready, get ready, and be on the look out for my new book, Hot Loins 2: Mine is Tight!  This is a spin-off of Hot Loins, where the infamous, Noel and Sheeka, return!  It should be out mid 2012!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who NOT to marry

My grandma used to say, "Never marry a man that can't cry." Not doesn't cry, but CANT...there's a difference. #wisdom

Free Places to Post and Promote Your Event

So, if you are planning an event and in addition to passing out flyers, ad space in papers (online or print), getting radio spot(s), flooding all the social networks, you may want to try these. Not sure how much traffic they will generate, however, I believe in leaving no stone unturned. As I come across more websites, I will be sure to add them. Please feel free to add in sites that you use and also let me know about your issues or concerns with them! Hope this helps with your upcoming event (create an event)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hey my South Florida folks....mark your calendars for 10/22/2011 and block out the time block (10AM-2PM) null

Monday, October 10, 2011


My mom was just telling me someone told her that unforgiveness leads to anger, anger leads to rage, and rage leads to people as hard as it is sometimes, forgive....not for them, but for you...because God asks us to :)

Original art drawn and colored by Brian Sellers

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wet Willie's San Diego

Congrats to owner, Will Demps, of Wet Willie's, San Diego, who just celebrated his one year anniversary from when he first opened this venue.  May God continue to bless him abundantly!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hot Loins ebook 1.99

Be Encouraged

For many, it seems that our dreams are but a figment of our imagination. Our visions seem to fade out of view and our goals seem unattainable. I bring good news…These thoughts and feelings are a trick of the enemy.

This is a power-packed seminar/workshop that will help you to regain your focus, strength, courage and hope so that you can be encouraged and inspired to move forward toward bringing your dreams to a reality; your visions to fruition; and your goals to completion.


 This is a hands-on, practical, applicable and present-day approach to progress, one step at a time.
You don’t have to be fast; endurance is the key. All are welcome; men, women and couples!

I offer you the key to unlock the door to claim what’s rightfully yours!
10:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday, October 22, 2011
$50.00 (Includes: beverages, lunch, snack, work book and door prizes)  
Limited seating ~ Reserve your seat today!
Send an email to: (‘Be Encouraged’ in Subject)
Presented by Dr. Denise Treadwell