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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REAL opportunity to make money while having fun!

Hey folks, first let me say this is not a get rich quick scheme, however, this is a REAL opportunity that may allow you to earn extra money while having a good time!  And in times as such, those funds can only be helpful!  I don't know about you but it is nice when you have 6 months of car payments sitting in the bank rather than piecing it together every month (stressful).

So, how can you possibly make money while having fun? Produce a stage play! It's as simple as that!!!

To give you an idea let's say your local venue (i.e. high shool auditorium, community center w/ stage, blackbox theater, performing arts center, church, etc) may seat a range from 50-1500 (however I would encourage you to start small). Multiply that number by whatever you decided to charge for tickets and after you take off overhead costs, you could still have a money in your pocket! (You can earn more if you are 501c3 or some who is can sponsor you).

Let's do the math: Venue 500 seats TIMES $20/ticket EQUALS $10,000! Take off venue/promotion costs ~$3000, Compensation to actors ~$1500, Set-can be made with light weightpanels/Props ~$500...and in your pocket you have an extra $5000! That's just after ONE the show on a Friday and Saturday and sell out each time, you just made ~$10,000 over a weekend (minus the nominal percentage to the playwright)!

Sounds good right, but don't have a script? No problem! Contact Dr. Denise Treadwell, who has binders full of scripts for stage plays (i.e. inspirational, contemporary, thought provoking, etc ).

The playwright typically asks for $1000-$3000 up front and anywhere from 10%-20% of ticket sales. She releases the copyright to you for a period of time (depending on how many shows you want to produce) so that you can produce the show in that period of time.

If this sounds of interest to you, contact playwright, Dr. Denise Treadwell at:

Some of her titles to her plays include:
Dancing in the Dark
I was an only child
Caught in the Act
Better than Sex
The Mystical Box
Rainbow Forest (childrens play)
Fairpark High (teen play)
Roll Out
He Touched Me
Can Ya' Hear Me Now
The Teacher
They Didn't Believe

Dr. Denise Treadwell's plays have been produced in several states and have been received very well! Again, if this sounds of interest to you, contact her at:

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