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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Loins-Chapter 2

“Mrs. Morse, I’m going to be honest with you.” Victoria leaned
forward in her brown leather chair that sat behind a huge office desk.
“If I’m going to help you work through this, I need you to do everything
I ask of you. Otherwise, this will be a waste of time and money.”
“I understand, Doctor.”
“All right then, so I look forward to seeing you next week, and what
will you have with you?” Victoria walked Mrs. Morse to the door of her
office while they spoke.
“I will have completed the first chapter of my autobiography.”
“You’ve got it! Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, and don’t forget to
schedule your next appointment with Linda.”
Victoria closed the door behind Mrs. Morse and returned to her desk
to work on progress notes since this was her last patient for the day.
Victoria’s office was very open, warm, and bright as the fifteen-foot
glass windows that made up her office walls allowed sun rays to shine
through. The sheer drapes that hung slightly dimmed the bright sunlight.
Her office smelled of calming aromatic scents. It had a very tranquil
feel to it from the miniature electric water fountain she had and the
greenery throughout her office.
The office also overlooked a large dark blue body of water surrounded
with all sorts of green shrubs, various tall trees, and colorful flowers that
were in full bloom.
As she sat at her desk typing up progress notes on her laptop, her
business phone buzzed. It was Linda, her receptionist.
“Dr. Billings?”
“Yes, Linda.”
“I’m having a late lunch, but I should be back well before the architect
gets here, do you want me to bring you anything?”
“No, thank you. I’ll see you when you return.”
For the next forty-five minutes, Victoria continued typing her notes
until a light knock on the door interrupted her. She glanced at her watch
and thought that couldn’t be Linda because she still had fifteen minutes
left for her break and never came a minute sooner. She walked to the
door and slowly opened it.
There a man with a great smile casually dressed in jeans and a plain
white T-shirt greeted her. He was handsome. Not a pretty boy, but very
attractive. He stood just under six foot three inches. He had a rich dark
caramel complexion, and his hair was curly on the top and trimmed close
on the sides.
Victoria’s entire chest cavity felt like someone had lit a match inside,
and for some reason, her heart fluttered when her eyes met his slightly
slanted gentle brown eyes.
She cleared her throat, trying to calm herself as she said, “Hi, can I
help you?”
He said, “Yes, I’m looking for a Dr. Billings. I’m the architect that is
supposed to be meeting with him at three fifteen today.”
Victoria was used to people assuming she was a male because of her
status. She chuckled to herself and thought, So typical.
Cheerfully she said, “Oh, pleased to meet you, I’m Dr. Billings, but
please do call me Victoria.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—”
Victoria cut him off. “No need to apologize, it happens all the time.
And you are?”
“Kevin Meadows.” He reached to shake her hand.
“Mr. Meadows, please come in and have a seat.”
“And you can call me Kevin. So, Victoria, what can I do for you?”
“I want to revamp our waiting area. I was thinking, instead of the
room being squared off, I want it more angular and marble floors instead
of the neutral-colored carpet.”
Kevin sketched and took notes as he intensely listened to Victoria’s
plans for the new waiting area.
She continued, “I was thinking about adding a small fountain and
counter space where my clients can help themselves to tea or coffee
and . . .”
Victoria went on for about twenty minutes describing to Kevin how
she wanted her new waiting area to look.
Meanwhile, Linda returned from lunch and had been taking calls and
scheduling appointments for the following week.
Victoria asked, “About how long will this take, and when can you
get started?”
“Well, first things first. Let me sketch everything out, and in about
a week or so, I’ll have a blueprint done for you, and of course if you
approve, we can get started right away!”
“Okay, sounds like a plan.”
She walked him out of her office and introduced him to Linda. She
explained to Linda who he was and that he’d be calling within a week
or so to set up a time to bring the blueprint for the new-and-improved
lobby area.
With a gentle handshake, he responded, “Nice to meet you, Linda. And,
Victoria, I look forward to hopefully working with you really soon.”
Once Kevin left the building, Victoria looked at Linda and said, “Wow,
where did you find him?”
“In the yellow pages. He didn’t have a really big ad, so I thought he
may be reasonable. When I called him, he seemed pleasant and directed
me to a Web site to see some of his work. I was impressed and called
him back to set up an appointment.”
“Ya done good! See, this is why I hired you.”
They smiled at each other and grinned.
“Well, let me get back to work. Gotta finish up my notes and make
a few calls.”
It was close to 6:30 p.m. when Linda tapped on the door, then peeped
in Victoria’s office to let her know she’d be leaving and would see her
in the morning.
Victoria responded cheerfully, “Thank you for all you do! Have a
good evening.”
Victoria found it took forever to get through her notes. She could not
stop thinking about Kevin. She was smitten by him, but didn’t understand
why. He was attractive but not really her type. She always had a thing
for that man who was a little rough around the edges with a dark mocha
complexion, and he was opposite of this.
She shook her head and thought to herself, He didn’t even give me a
second look. He didn’t flirt. Am I even his type? Hmmm, who am I kidding.
I’m sure he has a girlfriend. After this final thought, Victoria refocused
on her progress notes.
While driving in his company truck, Kevin put in a call to his best
friend and partner on the job.
“Hey, bro. I think I have a huge job lined up for us! But actually,
that’s not what I’m calling you to talk about. Will, man, this woman
that’ll hopefully hire us is so pretty! Absolutely beautiful. It looks like
she has accomplished a lot for herself and probably making a whole lot
of money doing it, umm!” Kevin exclaimed as he told his best friend
about Victoria.
He continued, “I bet she probably only dates guys with an Ivy League
education and the money to match hers. But that’s not even it. I don’t
know, but it’s something very special about this woman! We didn’t even
talk for an hour, but in the short time we spoke, man, I could clearly see
she’s sweet and humble and—”
Kevin was on a roll complimenting Victoria when Will abruptly
interrupted him, saying, “Whoa, Kevin, can we say Sommer!”
“Sommer, your girl that you’ve been with for three years. The one
you love. I know you guys are on a rocky path right now, but ya’ll always
work things out.”
“I do love her, I just . . . never mind. You’re right.”
He thought to himself, Get real, she probably doesn’t even want a
guy like me. I’m just gonna do this work and get on with my life, work,
and Sommer.

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