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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Loins

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Victoria Billings is absolutely stunning… when she enters a room, heads turn.  Contrary to what those around her may think, being intelligent, beautiful, and sexy definitely presents its challenges—backstabbing, jealousy, envy, and usury. 

Victoria seems to have it all and rightfully so; she has worked hard for it!  However, after achieving success in practically every area of her life, friends begin to fall away.  For her, at times, it’s proved to be lonely at the top.  Despite this minor dilemma, the people who matter most, her parents and her best friend Terra, surrounds her.  She’s content with this circle… for the most part.  The only thing missing from Victoria’s life is Mr. Right. 

Her longing for a man to love her intensifies when she looks around noticing that everyone seems to have someone except her.  But also, living a life of celibacy, (for no particular reason, just a personal choice), seems to deepen and magnify her desire for a male companion.  It also puts a strain on relationships and makes maintaining relationships with men rather difficult.  She wants to stay on the straight and narrow by abstaining from sex but when her sexual desires get out of control and her patience for waiting on the right man to commit to her runs out, will she let it conquer her, or will she conquer those virtually unbearable urges?

Find out as author Ade' Knight brings you Hot Loins.

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