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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Loins-Chapter 7

Victoria and Daniel spoke on the phone every night since she’d been
back from Costa Rica, and every night the conversations lasted longer
and longer; they spent hours talking on the telephone.
Even though they only communicated over the phone, as the weeks
passed, both found their feelings for one another were growing stronger.
Despite this, they continued to treat their relationship delicately. Neither
wanted to come off too strong, but they didn’t want to come off as if they
didn’t care for each other either. They found that balance and were able
to nurture their relationship accordingly.
Every time Victoria thought about Daniel’s upcoming visit, in one
week to be exact, she’d get nervous—a good nervous though. While she
was home, she tried to keep herself busy so her nerves wouldn’t get the
best of her.
She tried to paint, but that didn’t work. She played with her pets, but
that only lasted for so long before the animals would get distracted and
eventually go and do their own thing.
She thought, Maybe I’ll watch some TV. Yeah, catch up on the latest
news so I’ll know what’s going on around me.
She hopped on her couch and snuggled up under the brown throw.
This attempt to keep her mind occupied lasted ten minutes.
Okay, this isn’t working out how I hoped it would. She then stepped
into her slippers to go out back to feed her large goldfish. While throwing
the fish food in the pond, she thought, Look at me, trying to do all this
busy work. I need to get out of my head. Talk it out. I need to talk to my
best friend. She put the food aside and headed back in the house to call
“Hey, T, it’s me. I need to talk, you have a sec?”
“Sure, what’s going on?”
“I hope I’m not bombarding you with my ‘stuff’—”
“Sweetie, let me cut you off right there. As I’ve told you before, what’s
important to you is important to me. You’re never an inconvenience, a
burden, or have you ever bombarded me with anything. Now, talk to me.
What’s going on?”
“Aw, thanks.” She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she
said, “Okay, so you know Daniel is coming to visit, and I’m so nervous
about it! I really like this man. I don’t know what it is, but he and I have
a connection that runs deep. I don’t want to mess this up by coming on
too strong, but I don’t want to be too detached either.”
Terra continued to listen quietly as she was a very good listener.
Victoria continued, “I guess what I’m getting at is . . . How do I show
interest without freaking him out? I mean, I’m not being negative, but I
have seen it. Too often I’m good friends with a gentleman, and then the
very second I show him I like him a little more than a friend, he seems
to get full of himself. And what are we going to do when he gets here?
I don’t want to bore him. Where is he going to sleep? Is it supposed to
rain? And if it does, we’ll be stuck indoors.” Victoria went on and on
with endless and random questions.
“I’m rambling, aren’t I?”
With a calm but sweet tone, Terra said, “Vicky, just be yourself
and let destiny take care of the rest. Let things flow. As I always say,
don’t overthink things. Okay? This visit will be fine. You’ll have fun. I
Victoria always trusted Terra’s advice and insight. She was never
wrong, and just by those reassuring words, Victoria’s nerves were
There was a long silence until Victoria called out, “T?”
“Yes, I’m here.”
“I don’t know what it is, but there is something very special about
Daniel. I know everyone you meet serves a purpose in your life. I wonder
what purpose he’s serving in mine.”
Terra thought about it for a moment before adding, “Or what purpose
you’re serving in his.”
“That’s another way of looking at things.”
“Vicky, like I always tell you, you deserve nothing less than the best.
Daniel seems to bring you happiness, and that makes him all right with
me. Enjoy it, sweetie.”
“Thanks for sharing my happiness with me.”
“You’re welcome.”
“So, enough about me. Tell me how you and Thomas are doing?
And don’t give me a condensed answer, I want details,” Victoria kindly
“Honestly, there really isn’t much to tell. We both work nine to fives,
come home, help the kids with homework and school projects, have dinner,
give the kids baths, and put them to bed. By the time all that is done, we’re
dog tired and crash ourselves. The clock goes off at 5:30 a.m., and we start the
entire routine over again. Sounds exciting, right?” she asked sarcastically.
Then Terra added, “But I wouldn’t change it for the world! I actually
really enjoy coming home and preparing a home-cooked meal for my
family. This is a good time in my life. It sounds cliché, but I really can’t
complain. Bills are being paid . . . occasionally late, but they’re paid, the
kids are behaving, and Thomas and I are still falling deeper in love with
each other as each day goes by.”
As they spoke on the phone, Victoria sat at her vanity removing the
french manicure polish from her toes with cotton balls.
“When’s the last time you and Thomas had fun together? I mean,
did something without the kids. And before you start in I know you love
your kids, but it’s healthy for you to have time away from them. They
need the break too.”
“I really couldn’t tell you the last time we had alone-time together.
That’s not good, huh?”
“No, sweetie, you guys need a getaway. A real vacation.”
“Vicky, I see where you’re going, and before you go there, I want
you to know I am not taking anything from you.”
“Come on, T, you never let me do anything for you!”
Terra suggested, “How about this. Thomas and I will get a jar, and
from every check for the next three months, we’ll each put in about
twenty bucks, maybe more if we can, and at the end of those three
months, we’ll find somewhere to go or something to do with that
“Can I match whatever you save up?”
“Vicky, you know me very well. I don’t need to be on a resort or in
a five-star hotel or on an expensive cruise to have a good time. As long
as my husband and I are together, all is right with the world.”
“I understand that. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little
extravagance here and there.”
“Yeah, but—”
“But nothing. You and Thomas have wanted to visit California, so
I’ve already purchased first-class tickets for you two to visit Los Angeles
where you’ll be staying in a five-star hotel in a large hotel suite. Your
meals have been paid for, and there are, wait one sec . . .”
She threw the cotton balls in the mini garbage can and ran over to
her bed to open up her laptop.
She continued, “And for the first four days your schedule has been
laid out. The last two and a half days you both can do whatever you all
choose to. Oh, and you will have your own personal chauffeur to take
you and your husband wherever you guys want to go.
“So let me know when you both can get a week off work, and we’ll
have you on your flight in no time.
“Also, I’ll be staying at your house to make sure the kids get on the
bus, do their homework, bathe, and back at it again. I think that covers
about everything!”
Terra was flabbergasted. But a part of her was looking forward to the
getaway. It really had been years since she and Thomas had had some alone
time. She was looking forward to the break. She smiled to herself.
“Vicky, I’m not even going to argue with you. Thank you. You’ve told
me before, learn to let people do things for me, so let me get the practice
in. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for being a good friend to me.”
Vicky was shocked. Is that it? This can’t be it. Just when I was ready
to put up a fight with her, she’s just letting it go like that? Wow.
“You’re welcome,” she said slowly as she couldn’t believe Terra had
yet to decline the gift. She was waiting for any moment for Terra to argue
with her, but it never happened.
Terra told her she had to go and would call her later with the dates
that she and Thomas would be available to leave for the trip.
The week flew by! Victoria took a day off from work so she could get
everything together for Daniel’s arrival the next day. She woke up and
thought she’d be nervous, but amazingly, a calm had come over her.
Okay, I need to make a list of everything I need to do today. At ten,
Jack will be here to clean the pool, the landscapers will be here to keep my
greens green, and the cleaning service will come to do a light cleaning.
She sat on her balcony that overlooked the beach and jotted some
notes on a miniature legal pad. She wrote the following: grocery store,
toiletries, linens, and games. She tapped her pen on the pad as she scanned
over what she’d written and continued to think.
Is that it? This list is short . . . but I think I’ve pretty much covered
it all.
So she headed out. Her first stop was the grocery store. Here she
picked up some wholesome organic foods as Daniel ate very healthy
himself. She also went by the local flea market to pick up some fresh
fruits and vegetables that were great buys.
She returned home to put her groceries away. Once this task was
done, Victoria headed back out to get the remainder of the things on her
list, but this go-around, she’d be gone for a while.
Victoria jumped on I-95. She would finish her shopping at the stores
just outside of Terra’s neighborhood since Terra had invited her to join
the family for dinner at a pizza parlor later that evening.
She ran in a couple stores to pick up the toiletries and linens. On her
last stop, she picked up some playing cards and three board games.
After running her errands, she finally met up with Terra for dinner.
The pizza parlor was nice and quaint. It had booths and round tables with
red and white checkered tablecloths. The lighting was dim. Chatter and
popular music filled the restaurant.
While Victoria sat at the table engaging in lighthearted conversation,
she felt a hand lightly touch her shoulder. As she turned, her eyes met
Kevin’s brown eyes and bright smile. “Victoria, How are ya?”
Smiling back at him, she said, “Kevin, hi. I’m good, and you?”
“Fine, thanks. I’m not going to keep you, but I just wanted to say it’s
nice to see you. You should call me sometime.”
“Nice to see you too! I do have your number. I’ll give you call.”
He rubbed her shoulder as he headed back over to his booth where
Sommer looked on.
Trying to mask her jealousy with a plastic smile, Sommer asked,
“Um, sweetie, who is she?”
Kevin seemed distracted, so in her mousy voice, Sommer repeated
her question.
“I’m sorry, that’s Dr. Billings. I did some work for her about a month
It was hard for him to keep his eyes off Victoria even though her
back was toward him.
In a catty way, Sommer replied, “Oh, that’s nice.” She quickly cut
her eyes at Victoria.
Sommer made it her business to always be up in Kevin’s parents’
face. She was always at their house acting as though she was there to
visit them. But it was never about them. All she cared about and hoped
for was crossings paths with Kevin.
After several encounters at his parents’ house, she finally slithered
her way back in Kevin’s life by feeding him a sob story. She somehow
convinced him that they were meant to be together but suggested that
maybe they should take things slower.
She really didn’t believe this but was desperate to hang on to Kevin
by any means necessary.
Kevin loved and cared for her deeply, so he was willing to give the
relationship another go. He knew maintaining a relationship took some
work, and he was willing to put in the work. He felt the relationship was
worth saving.
Terra’s family’s fun night concluded once she took the last sip of her
soda. As they all stood, Kevin couldn’t help but to look over at Victoria.
He thought she was beautiful. Not only was she beautiful, but he thought
she was sexy too. Her curves commanded attention!
Her hair was pinned up with some ringlets that hung down her back
and over her shoulders; she wore large gold hoop earrings, a white tube
top, and dark blue denim low-rise capris.
She was curvy in all the right places—full perky breasts and a shapely
bottom. Her waistline was small, and her stomach was flat as a board; her
legs were long, thick, shapely, and toned. Though she was toned and in
great shape, her curves created a feminine softness to her demeanor.
Kevin was in awe of her. Not only for her physical beauty but also
in the way she carried herself. In his eyes, there was an elegance about
her, but he also saw her as a lady who was classy, dainty, confident, fun,
humble, and down-to-earth: the total package.
Victoria pushed her seat up to the table; she glanced back, and her
eyes met Kevin’s. She smiled warmly and waved good-bye. He returned
the smile warmly and threw his hand up.
As they walked out of the pizza parlor, they laughed and talked.
Terra walked Victoria to her car while Thomas made sure the kids were
fastened in their seat belts.
With a big smile, Terra looped her arm around Victoria’s elbow.
“So, Vicky, when do I get to meet Daniel?”
Victoria’s face lit up every time she heard Daniel’s name!
“Well, I know things are usually hectic for you guys during the week.
So I was thinking like a week? Saturday?”
“Cool, my place or yours?”
“I’m thinking it may be fun to come by your house. It would just have
to be early since his flight is leaving that Sunday morning.”
“Then if Daniel’s up to it, it’s a date. I’ll make some snacks, we can
play games. We’ll have a great time!”
“That sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to it!”
They hugged, and Victoria watched as Terra made her way back to
her car. Thomas stood outside holding the door open for her.
Victoria always admired their relationship. The love and respect they
had for each other was apparent not only through words but through
actions. Thomas treated her as if she was a queen, and she treated Thomas
like a king. They were truly soul mates!
Victoria called Daniel on her way home to confirm his flight plans.
In a sweet and flirty tone, she said, “Hi, Danny.”
With his masculine voice and subtle Latin accent, he replied, “Hi, my
love. It’s nice to hear your voice. I was just thinking about you!”
“What about me were you thinking?”
“I was just thinking that I can’t wait to see you in the morning.”
“Aw, and I can’t wait to see you! Are you packed and ready?”
“I’ve been packed since last week.” He chuckled.
“Well, sweetie, you have a long flight ahead of you, so I’m going to
let you go get some rest. See you in the morning!”
“Yes, you will.”
He blew her a kiss over the phone.
She ended the call and smiled as she continued to drive.
Once she arrived home, she made a couple of trips to the car before
getting all her belongings out of the trunk and placing the bags just inside
the front entrance. After she was inside, she started sorting through her
shopping bags.
She took the plastic film off the games and put them up in the living
room. She went to one of the guest bathrooms and hung the new towels
and went into the guest master bedroom to switch out the old linens for
the new masculine ones she purchased and also hung new bathroom
towels in the bathroom located in that room.
She stood in place and spun in a slow circle, taking in everything to
make sure all was in place in the room.
Everything looks good to me! Those linens give it the perfect masculine
touch. I think my work here is done.
Now, time to choose what I’m going to wear when I pick Daniel up,
then a shower, and I think I will be calling it a night.
She walked into her closet and went through her clothes hanger by
hanger, occasionally picking up a dress and holding it up to give it a
once-over but changing her mind and returning it back on the rack.
She continued moving through each garment until her eyes brightened
when she reached a lightweight satin dress with thin spaghetti straps.
They were so thin they almost blended into her creamy dark caramel
The dress’s colors were a vibrant and slightly metallic burnt orange,
dark purple, and cream splashed with hints of black and gold. The colors
appeared to have been swirled onto her dress.
The dress was long. It hung slightly below her calves, but the length
was a little higher in the front just below her knees.
The top of her dress hugged her perfectly. Her full C-cup breasts sat
perfectly in the dress, and the dress lay perfectly on them!
She had picked up this summer dress in a boutique on the beach while
vacationing in the Bahamas.
This is the dress! That was easy. Now it’s time for a hot shower and
a good night’s rest.

Hot Loins-Chapter 6

Victoria returned from her trip early Sunday morning before the sun
rose. After resting at home, she decided to pay her parents a visit.
“Hey, Mommy!”
“Oooh, my baby! I missed you so much. Honey, Vicky’s home!”
Mrs. Billings cried out.
Her dad came into the kitchen and gave Victoria a big welcome-back
“Hey, kid, we missed ya! Did you have fun?”
Mrs. Billings said, “Hold that thought. I’m just about finished making
breakfast. Vicky, grab that pitcher of OJ and platter of French toast.
Sweetie, you can grab the turkey bacon along with the bowl of scrambled
eggs, and I’ll get the rest. Then we can hear all about Vicky’s trip!”
They sat in the screened-in patio and enjoyed the breakfast Mrs.
Billings prepared as Victoria excitedly told them about her trip.
“Mom, the beaches were absolutely beautiful! The locals were so
friendly. There was a party going on every night! And the tours . . . My
goodness, the historical sites were just awesome! The mountains were
astonishing too! I took lots of pictures!”
“Baby girl, sounds like you had a great time!”
“Yes, Dad. I want to go back. I’ve got to go back.”
“Did you meet anyone special?”
“Okay, that’s my cue to leave. I’m going to go catch the game and
let you two have girl talk.”
“Mom, I did meet a really nice guy. He speaks both Spanish and
English. We met the first week I was there and literally spent every day
together. Even Noel and Paula had met friends, and we all hung out as
a group.”
“Aw, I’m glad you had fun and, while doing so, met someone. Baby,
you are so precious and deserve nothing but the best out of life.”
“Thank you, Mom.”
By now, Victoria was moving food around her plate with her fork.
Her mom was all too familiar with this age-old tendency of Victoria’s.
“I see you playing with your food, which means my baby girl must
be getting sleepy. You wanna lie down?”
“You know me too well. I could use a nap.”
“Okay, sweetie, you go ahead and rest, and I’ll get this cleaned
Victoria headed upstairs. As soon as she lay down, her phone rang.
It was Daniel.
Hola, como estas? How’s my Spanish sounding? Thank you. Really?
I miss you too. I’m a little tired, but you’re not keeping me up. Oh, all
right, if you insist, but I promise to call you as soon as I open my eyes.
Talk to you soon.”
Victoria woke up a few hours later and reached for her cell to make
good on her promise. She called Daniel first thing.
“I didn’t realize I slept so long. Wow, I guess I was tired. Well, I’m
at my parents’, but I’m going home soon. I’ve got a long week ahead of
me. And you? Wow, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on too! Is that so?
Well, excuse me, Mr. Boss Man. Since you run the show, you’re more
than welcome to come and see me anytime. Pick a date and let me know.
August eighth . . . You’re really serious, aren’t you? Okay, well, I look
forward to it. All right, I’ll talk to you later.”
She blew a kiss over the phone, and he blew one back to her.
Mrs. Billings peeped inside Victoria’s bedroom to find her awake
in bed.
“Good afternoon, sugar pie. I started to wake you earlier, but you
looked like you were sleeping so good, I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“I did sleep well. It seems like I get the best sleep when I’m home
with you guys.”
“Are you hungry?”
“A little, but I’m going to wait until I get home.”
“Oh, Vicky, don’t leave so soon. Stay a little while longer. Let’s have
dinner together.”
“Mommy, you know I have to work in the morning.”
“Well, sweetie, you really don’t have to work if you don’t want to.
Your dad and I will take care of you.”
“Thanks, Mom, but I want to work. I love what I do.”
“I know, my sweet. I’m just yanking your chain.”
“All right, I’ll call you tomorrow. Where’s Dad?”
“He went to play chess with his buddy.”
“Oh, okay, well, tell him I love him and I’ll see him later.”
Mrs. Billings walked Victoria to the front door. They hugged. Mrs.
Billings stood at the door waving as Victoria drove away.
When Victoria reached her home, she saw Terra’s car pulled up around
the driveway. She walked in and called out, “Terra!”
“Hey, Vicky, I’m out back.”
Victoria walked to the back patio where she found Terra watering her
flowers and feeding her large fish that swam in her man-made pond. She
quickly skipped along the concrete heart-shaped steps and gave Terra a
big hug.
Trying not to get any grime on Victoria, Terra cautiously returned
the hug.
“Girl, I missed you. Give me a second to clean up, then I want to
hear about your entire trip, I want details and pictures. And don’t leave
anything out!”
“Yes, ma’am. Tell you what, when you finish up, meet me in the
living room, and I’ll tell you everything!”
Terra sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, waiting for Victoria.
Victoria entered the room carrying her digital camera in its case. She sat
next to Terra, shoulder to shoulder.
“Okay, where do I start?”
“From the beginning.”
“Gosh, there’s so much to tell. Let’s see. So the resort we stayed on
was gorgeous! It had a tropical theme to it.
“Our room had huge circular beds with the softest and fluffiest white
blankets. A white silky lace material draped from the ceiling and around
our beds, and there were palm trees all throughout the room. Costa Rican
art dressed our walls and added splashes of warm colors to the room. We
had a view of the white-sand beach and teal-colored water.
“And, oh my gosh, at night, Terra, people were out laughing and
dancing. The nightlife was just that—life. People were happy and smiling
and living. There were also bands that played traditional Latin music
along the street. They even came and serenaded us! I could go on and
on, but I’d be talking to you all night.”
Victoria went on to say, “In a nutshell, our days were filled with lots
of tours! We went sightseeing in the mountains, hiked in a real rain forest,
and hung out with the natives at festivals, and then parties at night! And
there was never a dull party!”
“Wow, sounds like you had a blast! I wish I could’ve been there. See,
Vicky, I know you want to be married and the whole nine, but, sweetie,
let me tell you, when you’re married with kids, you can’t just get up and
go on a whim. And if you do, you wouldn’t be able to stay as long as
you did, not when you have children in school, PTA meetings to attend,
and other commitments.
“That’s what life is all about, Vicky. Living, as you said. Enjoy your
singleness, and in time, the right time, when you’re not looking, it will
happen for you! That husband made just for you will find you.”
“You’re right, and I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to do. That’s
what I’ve been doing. Living!”
They looked at each other and smiled. Terra pointed at the camera
case. “Pictures?”
“Oh, yes.”
She pulled the camera out of its case and went through about fifteen
snapshots when she reached a picture of a tall, dark, and handsome
His features were perfectly chiseled, and his dark olive complexion
was flawless. His facial features were symmetrical, and his dark and
naturally shaped eyebrows accentuated his sultry and alluring brown
His dark hair was neatly cut into a tapered fade. He had the deepest
set of dimples, sexy lips, and a perfect smile. His teeth were straight and
pearly white!
In this particular photograph, he wore a fitted baby blue cotton shirt
and white tailored slacks.
He was toned and muscular too! His pants subtly hugged the muscles
in his legs.
“And who is this cutie? And how tall is he? He’s huge!”
“I know, girl! He’s six foot four!”
“Whooo! That’s a lot of man. So I see he’s in quite a bit of pictures.
How did you two meet?”
Victoria turned and sat Indian-style, happy to tell how she and her
new friend met.
“So me and the girls were at a local farmers’ market checking out
some of the fresh produce around ten in the morning. They weren’t too
far off sampling some fruit. I was looking at the passion fruit, probably
looking confused trying to figure out what I was looking at.
“Then someone with a deep voice and Spanish accent said, ‘Those
are really good. You should try it.’ And in a nutshell, we’ve been talking
ever since.”
“So what’s he like? You’re leaving out details!”
Excited that Terra wanted to know more, Victoria scooped her thick
long hair over her shoulder and said, “Terra, we connect. We just click.
When I’m around him, I don’t know . . . It’s just easy. We took late-night
walks along the beach and talked about some of everything. We spent
hours talking!
“He took us to dine at fine restaurants. And he loves art too. He took
me and the girls to several art exhibits and tours on the countryside.
“Terra, the best thing is, he really wanted to know me. And I know
this by the type of questions he asked me when we talked.
“He never ever tried to sleep with me. On my last night there, we
did share a wonderful kiss, but it was never anything more than that! He
really was the perfect gentleman.”
“Did you guys exchange numbers?”
“We did. As a matter of fact, I spoke with him today.”
“I’m happy for you, sweetie. What’s his name?”
“Daniel Molina.”
“Aw, I’m so happy you met someone who makes you happy. You deserve
it so much. And see, you weren’t looking for it but it found you!”
“You did say once I start focusing on me, things would change. I
didn’t think things would change this soon though.”
Terra smiled at her and said, “Vicky, enjoy it! Enjoy life!”
Victoria reached to hold Terra’s hand. “Thank you for sharing my joy
with me. I love talking to you. You’re always genuinely happy for me.
God has truly blessed me with a wonderful friend!”
“And you’ve been a blessing to me too. I know there have been
several times you were going through your own thing, but through it
all, you pushed those things down to be an ear to me, to be a shoulder.
Thank you.”
“No need to thank me, T. That’s what best friends are for, to be there
for one another, in good times and in bad times. We’ve got each other’s
They hugged.
Vicky added a heartfelt “I love you, girl” as they hugged.
“I love you too, sis!”
Terra always felt that Victoria was like a sister to her. She continued
to say, “I’d better get on home to my family before they start calling
me and asking me when I’ll be home. We’ll touch base during the
Victoria walked Terra to the door to see her out.
She yelled out, “Thanks again for looking after my babies!” Terra
waved back.
Victoria had no expectations with her new friend Daniel. She was
going to enjoy his friendship . . . nothing more and nothing less.
Victoria went through her purse to get her cell phone so she could set
the alarm clock on it and plug it up to charge for the night. She saw she
had a missed call. It was from Daniel. When she saw his name on the
screen, she smiled and her heart felt like it skipped a beat.
“First things first, and then I’ll call him back.” She thought to herself,
There was a time when I’d drop everything for a man, but now it’s all about
me. When I finish doing everything I need to do, I’ll give him a call.
She laid out her business-casual pastel yellow blouse and pencil skirt
for the next day, spent some time with her pets, and ran on her treadmill
for an hour.
She felt clean and invigorated after taking a long steaming hot shower.
With a white towel wrapped around her body, she went to her fancy large
but very girly dresser to find some sleepwear.
She wore a stretchy fitted white cotton tank top and matching low-rise
panties with Hot Loins, written across the front in a metallic pink cursive
Victoria was excited to finally be done with everything so she could
call Daniel. She crawled into bed and nestled under the blankets. After
getting nice and comfy, she made the call.
A cheerful voice said, “Hola, is this my favorite lady?”
“You’re such a charmer. How are you doing, my friend?”
“I’m better now that I hear your sweet voice. What’s going on?”
“Oh, nothing much. After my best friend left, I’ve just been kind of
winding down and getting ready for this work week.”
“Are you looking forward to seeing your clients?”
“Definitely. You know, I love what I do. Helping people is one of my
passions. I had a blast while on vacation, you know, it was time overdue.
But I’ve missed my work. Honestly, I don’t really like calling it work
because it’s not like a job for me. It’s more like a . . . I really don’t know
what I’d call it, but I wouldn’t call it work, know what I mean?”
“I know exactly what you mean.”
He answered with that sexy deep voice, “Yes?”
“What’s your passion?”
“That’s a good question. I think I have many. Cooking, that’s one of
my passions. That’s how I know what you mean by your work not really
being work. Art is another passion of mine. I love to paint. It soothes
my spirit.”
She gasped, “I didn’t know you painted. The art galleries you took
us to only displayed sculptures. I thought that was more your thing,
sculpting and wax figures. Wow, that’s awesome. Painting is a passion
of mine too!”
“Yeah. When you come to visit me, I’ll show you some of my work.
You know, you’re special because everyone doesn’t get to see my pieces
of art,” she said flirtatiously.
“I feel privileged! That’s right, I did say I wanted to come and see
you. When would be a good time for me to visit?”
“Daniel, you can come visit me anytime! You and your family opened
up your homes to my friends and I, so that’s the least I can do for you. I
just don’t want you to get bored while I’m at work.”
“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”
“So my next question for you is, when will you be able to come see
me?” She scooted down in bed and put her knees up and her feet flat on
the bed.
“Hold on one sec, let me look at my calendar. Let’s see, I would love
to fly down and celebrate my birthday with you.”
“When’s your birthday?”
“About three weeks from now . . . That would put us at the weekend
of August eighth.”
“You did mention that date earlier . . . I didn’t know that was your
birthday. Okay, then it’s done. I will see you in three weeks! I’m so
excited!” Victoria exclaimed.
“I’m excited too!”
“What are you doing? I hear a lot of movement.”
“What city will I be flying in to?”
“Oh my gosh! Are you booking your flight now? Palm Beach.”
“Hold on, give me one second . . . Okay, looks like we’re all set. I’ll
be in Palm Beach on that Saturday at two p.m.”
“Great! I can’t wait to see you!”
“I feel the same way. We’re going to have fun!”
“Yes, we are. Why don’t you start thinking about the things you want
to do and places you’d like to go, and when we talk tomorrow, you can
fill me in.”
“Sounds good.”
“All right, my sweet, you have a good night, and I will talk to you
“Good night and sweet dreams.”
On her morning commute to work, Victoria couldn’t help but smile
at the very thought of Daniel and the chemistry they had going between
When she walked through the automatic glass double doors that led
to her lobby, she was stunned at the finished product. The waiting area
was exactly what she envisioned.
“Good morning, Linda, I missed you!” She hugged Linda warmly.
“I missed you too! How was your trip?”
“It was wonderful, thanks.”
She looked around the office in awe.
“I can’t believe this. Kevin and his team did a wonderful job! I’m
Linda, smiling brightly, said, “Isn’t it beautiful?”
“Please, get him on the phone for me so I can let him know I am
definitely pleased.”
“Yes, ma’am!”
Victoria went to her office so she could take the call.
She got his voice mail.
“Hi, Kevin, it’s Victoria Billings. I’m sure you’re busy, but I just
wanted to tell you that I’m amazed, to say the least, at the work you’ve
done here! The lobby is fabulous, and it was a pleasure doing business
with you. Thanks again.”
She walked back out to continue catching up with Linda.
“How were things at the other office with Dr. Young?”
“Everything went smoothly. The clients liked Dr. Young, but I think
you’re still their favorite. They’re looking forward to seeing you.”
“Aw. I’m looking forward to seeing them too! When’s my first
“Not until one.”
“Perfect, that gives me plenty of time to go over Dr. Young’s
Victoria was feeling good. She was back at the place where she
thrived. Things were great. Life was great!